Sunday, February 25, 2007


I have always been a docile person. Happy to please, content with following direction, I tend to coast through life with little argument or stress. My teachers always gave me "E" for "excellent" in behavior. I was voted third friendliest in my high school. My most recent performance review at work includes the phrase "a pleasure to work with". This easy-going attitude is useful in most situations, but is a constant challenge when it comes to my crafting, especially knitting.

After ripping back a few rows and a whole heel, I thought the worst was over with my Jaywalker socks. I chugged along happily, my only modifications being a short-row heel and making it toe-up instead of cuff-down. I started the foot at the larger size of the original pattern (78 stitches around) since my foot is pretty wide. The foot itself was actually a bit loose, which I didn't mind, so I figured keeping with size would be fine for my normal-sized ankle and leg.

But now I am at a crossroads with these socks. The foot fits fine now that it has a bit of pull from the heel to keep it snug. It slips on like butta. The heel is fabulous (if I do say so myself).

But the ankle! Oy, it is so freaking tight! I have to grunt...

...and tug... get it on. Once it's on, it's fine. It feels snug but hey, it's a sock, it should fit snugly, right?

So here is my quandary. My docile nature is telling me "Keep going, trust the pattern and the yarn, the process of knitting will be soothing to your senses." But then my latent, seldom expressed, independent streak comes blaring in with "These don't fit! You will hate these socks every time you see them."

And I hate to admit it, but the pooling is starting to bug me. How can yarn sing so harmoniously with a knitting pattern to produce this...

...also hit so many sour notes?

So I need your help. What should I do about these socks? Please cast your vote below!

UPDATE: Voting has closed, thanks for your input!

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Ashley said...

You know, I have the same difficulty getting my Jaywalkers over my heel, but once they're on, they fit like a dream. In fact, I would say they are my best-fitting socks--no slouching whatsoever. So if you can stand the pooling, I say knit on!