Tuesday, February 27, 2007


In an effort to distract myself from my Jaywalker quandary, I decided to cast on for the Sunrise Circle Jacket using the giant Irish spools of yarn.

Note the ruler in the pencil-cup on the right. That's right, this spool is a good 12 inches tall. Irish yarn does not mess around.

And on the left side? My favorite mug, a gift from a good friend.

You still have time to cast your vote on my Jaywalker quandary! Help an indecisive girl out! UPDATE: Voting is closed, thanks!


Christy said...

Your spool does look similar to the Debbie Bliss that I used. It seems very possible that they are from the same mill. Good luck on the Sunrise Circle.
I have a pair of socks that I have that issue with (difficult getting on), and they have loosened a little bit after washing/wearing. However, the weird pooling place would bother me too....but the rest of it works so well in the zigzag. Maybe if you cut out some of the yarn and reattached it, but that would involve ripping also.

Alison said...

Hey Mrs. Hipp - I just caught up on my Hipp Crafts! Its a great distraction to the Poli Sci reading I'm doing and it makes me so excited to graduate...because then I can start (and finish) all of my crafts.