Sunday, February 4, 2007

Eye Candy Fri...Um, Sunday

So I'm two days late with my Eye Candy Friday post. I was born two weeks late -- and would have been later if my mother hadn't insisted on being induced -- so I suppose I can argue that being late is part of my nature. That, and I had a very busy Friday and Saturday (busy but a whole lot of fun so I can't complain too much). Nature or environment? You decide.

And now to the Eye Candy!

Hey, isn't this just a progress shot of the Jaywalker socks? How can that count as Eye Candy?

Ah, Dear Reader, if only you had seen the state of the Jaywalkers just a few short days ago. I was near tears...tears, I tell you.

I was zooming on these socks. Even the uneven pooling didn't slow me down. These are FUN to knit, even with bitty sock yarn and size 1 needles. I thrilled at pulling out the blue Koigu again to make the heels. Oh and such pretty short-row heels they were, too!

When I picked up the main yarn again to connect the heel to the instep and continue up the leg, horror struck -- I had dropped a stitch on the instep side. Worse, it had laddered down almost an inch. In a hand knit sock, an inch feels like a mile.

The dropped stitch should have been incorporated into one of the double decreases in the pattern. I was not brave enough to rescue it it with a crochet hook while maintaining the pattern.
There was nothing I could do. I had to frog it back to below the dropped stitch. To add insult to injury, the stitch had dropped several rows below the start of the heel, so the whole pretty blue thing got frogged as well. Waaaaaaah!

Here is the poor little Jaywalker mid-frog.

But by Friday, all was well in Hippville once again. The offending stitch was rescued, the pretty blue heel was re-done, and the waterworks were thankfully averted.

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