Monday, February 12, 2007

New Knitters in Progress

Mwahh ha ha evil plan of converting all of my friends into knitters is slowly taking shape! First, Orange County. Next... THE WORLD! Mwahh ha ha ha!

Okay, so actually, it was just that a couple of friends want to start knitting and asked for a bit of guidance. They tempted me with the promise of gustatory goodies so really the choice was easy.

A bottle of wine, some lemon bars, and two segments of a knitting DVD later, we had some serious knitting action going on.

There were a few moments of consternation, but what is craft without a bit of a challenge?

J figured out her source of consternation and was soon happy happy joy joy again. She had some latent knitting know-how so she jumped right into making a log cabin blanket for her cats. Once she was refreshed on the knit stitch and binding off, I showed her how to pick up stitches and there was no stopping her!

C was equally impressive. She made several inches of progress on a scarf made from lovely sparkle yarn (which is also quite splitty...not an easy task, even for an experienced knitter!). Woo hoo, C! She also makes excellent lemon bars.

We also had some helpful assistants. M used to be a knitter, thanks to a seventh grade class called "Yarn Arts and Tea" (ah, the wonders of the Oregon public school system!).

M and Mr. Hipp brought us empanadas for dinner, cleaned up afterwards, and made witty conversation throughout.


Anonymous said...

Yay for knitting lessons! Although, I got annoyed with my cat blanket and instead started making little yarn roses... the pay off is faster. But now I found a pattern for a bunny blanket!! Can't wait until the next meeting of the LFNS so you can show me how to do it!!!!!!! We'll bake more goodies for payoff!

Stephanie :o) said...

Wow! What a sexy picture of Aaron! HaHaHa!