Saturday, March 24, 2007


The baby bonnet from my last post arrived in South Carolina yesterday, just in time for the baby shower today. I sent it off on Wednesday via Priority Mail with fingers crossed for a Saturday arrival (and toes crossed for arrival before the 2:00 PM start time for the shower!) and it gets there a whole day early. Gotta love the US Postal Service.

With this baby gift off my list, I was able to devote a bit of time to the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I am on Row 73 of the left sleeve/front.

Only four more rows before the turning row for the hem. Woot woot! But man oh man, those loooooong purl rows are about killing me. I timed myself this morning: eight minutes to do the 137 purl stitches of Row 72. Yeesh, slower than molasses.

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