Thursday, April 3, 2008

Greetings from St. Lucia

Just a quick drive-by post while I'm on vacation in St. Lucia (oh yeah, and attending my brother's wedding). It seems like nowadays the only time I have to focus on crafting and my blog is while I am on vacation. Free time has been a rare luxury.

Our first full day in St. Lucia was spent on the beach. As we ate ate lunch, a young vendor came by with palm frond bookmarks for sale. He demonstrated the making of this lovely little fish in 2 minutes flat. It was a quick and beautiful example of craft. I don't know if this craft or this design is particular to St. Lucia, but I do know that I enjoyed watching him make it immensely. It will dry to a faded tan and be quite sturdy in a few weeks. Now it is green, flexible, and quite delicate.

Handmade Palm Frond Fish

Some catch up and more St. Lucia crafts after I return next week. I spent quite a bit of time planning and packing for my airplane knitting. What do you suppose I've been working on? (No fair peeking at my Ravelry site.)

Hope your week has been as sunny and relaxing as mine. Until later...


Rose said...

SO jealous. I am glad that you are having a good time, but man. Jealous.

Lolly said...

oooh, this sounds amazing :) hope you are soaking in the sun for all of the rest of us! (we have been stuck under rain clouds for the past 5 days!)

love the photo!