Friday, January 25, 2008

Purl, Peacock Chic, and Panera

Have you ever eyed a pretty woven scarf and thought "Hmmm, maybe I should learn how to weave. A loom only costs a few thousand dollars..."

Have you ever put down a $5 super sale sweater and thought "Why should I buy this when I can totally knit it instead?" Then promptly plunked down $60 for a sweater's worth of yarn?

Have you ever had a hard time finding shoes that fit and thought "I ought to cobble my own!"

Have you ever met up with a blog buddy and thought "If she were hit by a car right now, would it be weird to take a picture and blog about it later?"


Well, maybe one day you too will reach these crazy craft blog depths. I know there are at least two crafters who are already there: one is me, and the other is my lovely blog buddy at Peacock Chic. I met her a while ago at a Yarn Lady bag sale and we've been egging each other along in blogland ever since. When I found out she had been to the infamous Purl warehouse, and was willing to take me along with her, I said, "Um, yes please!". We got together this Monday and wallowed in craft heaven.

Purl Visit 001
Can you tell we were having fun?

Good thing I had a buddy with me, because I don't know that I would have ever been able to find the Purl warehouse on my own. It's hidden in an industrial park, no sign no nothing. The only hint from the outside was piece of cardboard stuck on the door with a handwritten NO SOLICITING and a tiny Purl logo sticker.

The inside was as nondescript as the outside except it is totally full of great stuff. Yarn up to here, fabric up to there!

Purl Visit 002

I was very proud of myself for exercising considerable self-restraint. I was lucky to have Peacock Chic there to set an example (she was very good and bought just a bit of fabric to finish a WIP). I came away with some beautiful fabrics to make a tote bag and one skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton (Ravelry link) to line stranded hat for Mr. Hipp.

Purl Visit 003

After Purl, we went to Panera and enjoyed soup, sandwiches, and a whole lot of laughter. The people at tables nearby must have thought we were crazy, but whatever. She is super fun and bubbly and it was neat to see that someone else thinks some of the same weird crafting thoughts as me. Good thing she didn't get hit by a car after all.

Thanks for a great time, Peacock Chic!


Anonymous said...

OMG...the conversation is even funnier the second time you relive it!! Gotta love a fellow funny blogger :O)

Also, I didn't get to see all of your goodies. I love the lining fabric. It will go well with the Echino. and even though they are not going together I like the yellow with the purple in the picture.

Can't wait to see that stranded hat!

LizKnits said...

Ohhh that yellow looks fabulous ... sounds like a great place to visit!