Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Changed My Mind - Being Sick DOES Stink

I know, I know, I was all optimistic and perky in a recent post about how being sick is good way to catch up on your knitting. Well that was then, and this is now. When I wrote that last post, I was on the upswing out of a head cold. Now I am at the nadir of a chest cold and I am one unhappy crafter. I feel so lousy that even starting a fun new project (and I have loads in my Ravelry queue) doesn't sound appealing. That, my friends, is when you know a crafter has hit rock bottom.

At least Mr. Hipp's Cobblestone Sweater got finished before things got too bad. And just in time for dear Mr. Hipp's 30th birthday yesterday.

Cobblestone 011

I'm happy with how it came out. The collar makes a nice little lip at the top of all that garter stitch.

Mr. Hipp tried it on and likes it! He thinks it looks like chainmail and he feels like Gimli in "Lord of the Rings" in it (first a hobbit, now a dwarf!). The sleeves and body are a smidgen too short, but I'm hoping that a good wet blocking will fix that. Lolly made a sweater out of the same yarn for her hubby and gave me some lovely advice about using moisturizing conditioner when I wash it so that this rough wool softens up a bit. Thanks, Lolly!

A proper wrap up of this project and photos of Mr. Hipp wearing it are forthcoming; hopefully we can take some nice pictures at his Superbowl birthday party this weekend!


Anonymous said...

What! No desire for a new project!!OMG!! Call the ambulance!! We have a knitter down!! I knew I felt a shifting in the balance of good and evil.

I hope you get better soon so that the crafting and the Cobblestone sweater photos start flowing :O)

Lolly said...

It looks great! It would be really cool to get some photos of him modeling it too ;) That moisturizing conditioner trick was mentioned this past weekend at the weaving workshop too - it seems to be a pretty foolproof way of working with the raw wools :)

Katy said...

I hope you feel better, Mrs. Hipp, and happy 30th birthday, Mr. Hipp

tiennie said...

Beautifully done! Love the color.