Monday, January 21, 2008

Being Sick Stinks, or How To Make Progress on Your Knitting

There are two sides to every coin. You can call a respiratory infection a way to spend a miserable week, or you can call it a chance to catch up on your knitting. I choose the latter.

I'm up the yoke on Mr. Hipp's Cobblestone sweater. Hooray! All thanks to DVDs of "The Office", DayQuil, snot up to my ears, and some unplanned annual leave accruals.

Cobblestone 010

Now that I'm in the home stretch, I can't put this project down. I'm starting to get how some knitters can be one-project-at-a-time. Maybe that should be a new resolution for the year?

My nose and sinuses are on the mend, but poor Mr. Hipp is now down with the same bug. One of our cats (Gracie) has become very polite and says a sympathetic "meow" every time Mr. Hipp sneezes, like a little kitty "bless you!". We can't figure out if it's just coincidence or if she is really responding to the sneezes. Either way, it makes for some much needed smiles in Sickville.

Hope your week has been less infectious. :)


tiennie said...

Glad you're almost feeling better! I really like the cobblestone so far!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the meetup today. It was grand!! Now I see the wonderful cobblestone you are working on. That is the same color as my future Central Park Hoodie so of course I love it! Hope Mr. Hipp makes a speedy recovery!

Lolly said...

you have such a good attitude about it :) I do hope you feel better!

Oooh, you are moving on that Cobblestone. Looks great!

Anita said...

Pammy! I was sick ALL week too. I could barely get out of bed, something nasty is goign around. Hope you feel better soon!