Monday, July 9, 2007

Comment Spam is Poop

For a blog that gets less than 10 hits a day - most of them from Mr. Hipp - I never thought Hipp Crafts would be the victim of comment spam. For those who don't know, it is similar to the spam you get in your email, but left in comments of posts. To avoid this sort of thing in the future, I've added a word verification feature to commenting. You will need to type in the distorted word that you see before the comment will be published. I really hope that this is not a deterrent to commenters, because I love seeing the feedback! Thanks for your patience. We will now return to our regular programming.


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered who spam is aimed at, I mean who responds? OOh I'm having such a hard time with your socks, I've started, but have changed my mind so many times (perfectionist, me, never, well only when it comes to gifts:). Don't worry though, they will be ready, promise xSock palx

Roxanne said...

Oh ya, this is what my spam filter says: "Akismet has caught 10,775 spam for you since you first installed it." Can you believe that? It's more than my comments and it never stops either. I don't mind a word verification so you can avoid the spam issues.