Thursday, April 5, 2007

Coming Up for Air

Crafting content has been put on an unfortunate hold as I deal with this at work. If you've ever wondered what an epidemiologist does, this is a doozy of an example.

No pictures yet, but my attempt at knitting the latest baby bootie in the round is a success! I've decided that a button for the ankle strap is just a little too risky for my taste. Um, would you want to be the knitter who introduced a potential choking hazard to your friend's baby? So I'm going to try making an i-cord that's long enough to tie into a bow instead.

My mother gave up on waiting for her Scholar Collar. She found an acceptable substitute for herself at an REI sale - $2 for a 100% silk knit scarf! Sorry, Mom, that I didn't finish your scarf in a reasonable time, but I think you scored a major deal in the end.

Keeping checking back for my next gasp of fresh air! Send good thoughts to the ill people in this outbreak for a quick and healthy recovery.

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Wendee said...

Your job sounds fun, fun. My husband had a bout with e-coli while working on a boat in the Prince William Sound, AK. (I just typed in some of the tests he had, but realizing that well, it's TOO MUCH INFO for this comment - and he'd kill me!) It was pretty awful for him, however he was fortunate enough to be close enough to Juneau to get medical help - and off the boat! I'll send get well vibes to those affected. Ugh! And thank-you vibes to all those that work in the field of helping others through nasty body traumas.

REI sale, eh? Thanks for the tip!